Are there any organizations that can help me find an angel investor?

Angel investors are high-net-worth individuals who have the ability to provide capital to start-ups in exchange for capital, AngelList.

Angel investors

work in several markets and industries that cover the full spectrum of business types, from technology, fintech and e-commerce companies to health, life science and real estate projects. You can even find angel investors who specialize in non-profit organizations. All of these markets are popular in Los Angeles.

Let's not forget that Los Angeles is also famous for Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and this can also attract angel investors to the area. Angel investor groups are simply groups of angel investors that come together to evaluate and invest in companies as a group. In addition to sharing their collective experience to help each other make wise investment decisions, these groups also often pool their capital to make larger and larger investments. Typically, angel investors in start-ups fund early-stage and early-stage companies that promise high growth and scalability.

Every year, Band of Angels hosts an annual mentoring session for start-ups interested in raising capital from Angel. The investment group has 190 angels that focus mainly on start-ups in the consumer products, technology and software industries. Importantly, the Center for Venture Research found that the number of angel investors who provided funding last year was 318,480 people. These are the main groups of angel investors depending on the industry, the scenario and the accessibility for entrepreneurs to obtain capital to launch their new companies.

Engage with professionals in the field, as well as angel investors and new and experienced entrepreneurs. Robin Hood Ventures is a Philadelphia-based angel investor group that has been funding startups in the area since 1999.VentureSouth is a group of angel investors that lends capital and experience to early-stage startups across the Southeast. It has a network of more than 4,000 angel investors in the United Kingdom and has invested more than 120 million pounds sterling in more than 200 potential companies over the years. This brings the total number of accredited angel investors to more than 14,000, with more than 20,000 companies in members' portfolios.

While there are plenty of offline places to meet angel investors, as specified above, don't forget about online places. Angel Investment Network is a global community of investors and entrepreneurs seeking capital. The Internet has generated an overwhelming influx of platforms for entrepreneurs to find angel investors for their ideas.