What types of companies are most attractive to angel investors?

Start-ups and early-stage companies that can scale up for growth are generally the most attractive angel investments. While your startup may or may not be the next Facebook, angel investors know how risky their investments are. While an angel investor's personal investment in your business is often beneficial, it can also be overwhelming. As mentioned above, it's vital to research everything about the type of investors you're going to choose and the specific investor you have in mind.

Usually, an angel investor has a desired amount of money they want to earn and then looks for a way to close their position in their business. Since type S public limited companies cannot issue multiple classes of shares, angel investors will generally request a SAFE promissory note (simple agreement for future shares). But if you think you're there, getting in touch with an angel investor can provide you with a much-needed influx of capital that can help you set your big plans in motion. Most angel investors will wait for a formal shareholder agreement setting out the contingencies of their investment.

An angel investor is a normally wealthy person who provides capital to start-ups in exchange for capital. If you want your angel investor to offer you the right balance between trust and guidance, it can be frustrating if they overdo the latter. This additional commitment is a way to help ensure a return on their investment and a reminder that these angel investors seek new knowledge, experiences and professional connections through the companies they support. As I said, finding angel investors isn't always a kind of long-term back-and-forth exchange where you have time to put your ideas in order.

Consider attending local events for angel investors that are held periodically across the country and that provide great opportunities to connect with potential funders. Therefore, if you make an angel investment, you are expected to give up part of the control of your company and that the participation you offer to your investors could be significant enough to have significant implications for your ability to manage your company as you see fit. Angel Investment Network is a resource that can connect entrepreneurs with a group of nearly 300,000 active investors. In general, angel investors are looking for teams that combine professionalism with a deep personal commitment to the product itself.